What is Cafamino?

Cafamino is a premium take on the morning staple, 3-in-1 coffee! We have taken the health benefits of protein, combined it with locally harvested Arabica beans, and transformed it with the top-end method of freeze-drying. All these elements come together as a superb coffee experience that is sure to keep you energized for the rest of your day.


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Cafamino is: 3-in-1

All you need in a cup of joe

No need to bust out the pantry– we got you covered! We have formulated Cafamino with the perfect amount of brown sugar and non-dairy creamer to deliver optimal flavor.

Cafamino is: proteinized

To get you through your busy day

Protein isn't just for gym buffs and bodybuilders, everyone needs it! In fact, protein is essential for:

  • Building and repairing body tissues

  • Recovering from fatigue

  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels

  • Maintaining energy levels throughout the day

These are just some of the reasons why we chose to incorporate soy protein isolate into Cafamino.

Cafamino is: 100% Arabica

Locally sourced and harvested

Cafamino's freeze-dried coffee is made using locally sourced and harvested Arabica beans. We work with suppliers from Sagada to get the best in Arabica that the country has to offer.

When you purchase Cafamino, you not only get a great coffee experience but you also contribute to the growth of the local coffee industry.

Cafamino is: freeze-dried

The best of the best in coffee processing

Ever wonder why other instant coffees taste so different from brewed coffee? It's because most commercial instant coffees use the spray dry process. This subjects the instant coffee to heat which deteriorates the taste and aroma of coffee– even before you prepare it yourself!

We at Cafamino use the freeze-drying process for our product. Instead of heat, the coffee is dried in a vacuum under low temperatures. This allows for the flavor and aroma to be preserved in a way that typical spray-dried coffee can't be.

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